Friend Alexey Makarov knows how to keep a man

Friend Alexey Makarov knows how to keep a manFor the son of the famous actress Lyubov Polishchuk, actor Alexey Makarov has long enjoyed the reputation of a womanizer. Once in the show "Ice age" he "lit up" in a pair of Anna Semenovich, rumors about the adventures of an artist only increased.However, Alexei himself always insisted: Anna and his associates only job, and in his personal life he's happy with her girlfriend Anastasia Makeeva. About his girlfriend Makarov said a lot of flattering things.And more recently Anastasia herself told the truth about Alexei. According to makeieva, reputation Lovelace are unable to scare her."And information about his past has come to me is after the fact," explained Anastasia in a recent interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - When we had to connect a certain thread... especially since I have not made inquiries about him from friends. I prefer to learn about a person directly from him, rather than what people say. The fact that he has a reputation, I was very surprised. But I'm not jealous of those women that will compel a man to the battery. I believe that you need to keep in other ways. The secret is to exist in the relationship. Then the interest you will constantly be heated. About appearance it is impossible, no doubt, to forget and to go home God knows what. You need to always attract. Flirt. It will be good for both of you"."We are familiar half years - says the girl. A long time to adapt to each other, not everything was easy, but circumstances brought us together, and now we are very good together. Alex, of course, a real man. We met during their difficult days, when his mother, therefore this distress experienced together, and no honeymoon period in our relationship. All of us at once was an adult. Seriously, dramatic. But, in my opinion, this is what unites".Anastasia Makeeva, like her lover, opted for the acting profession. True, the girl first tried his hand as a model. In her youth, she participated in beauty contests and won the titles of "Vice-miss Europe" and "Miss Russia". But now, having had several roles in television series and films ("And still, I love you", "Lawyer", "One night of love", "countdown" and other) Makeev does not seek to outshine his companion."As a woman, I prefer to be less in demand in the profession that my man did not feel defective. Question popularity... I Admit, internally it's hard, I still can't get used when we do something together we leave, and Alex stuck to these girls, take autographs, take pictures, and I'm standing on the sidelines, waiting out... But maybe not bad, from what my fans there is no rush, because Alex is quite a jealous person and I think every day would beat someone's face. The most insulting that Makarov, being himself an actor who knows our kitchen from the inside, jealous of my on-screen love scenes. Indignant: "you Again kiss there!" "And you're on your movie look", " I say to him in such cases.".

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