Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancer

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancerPopular Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze has started the course of treatment for diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer. On Wednesday the official representative of the 55-year-old actor Annette Wolfe, ITAR-TASS reported.According to the attending physician Swayze, George Fisher, a cancer was revealed the actor at an early stage and prescribed him a course of treatment promises to become effective. "Now Patrick continues to live his normal schedule, which includes work on a number of projects," - said in a statement, wolf. Swayze is now starring in the film "Oxide" and the TV movie "the Beast", which will be released later this year.A representative for the actor has denied rumors that the disease Swayze has gone too far and that he stayed only a few weeks. All messages that mention any deadlines associated with the prognosis, and side effects of treatment are a complete lie. Although pancreatic cancer is a very serious disease, Patrick she is in the early stages, and his body is responding well to treatment. We are much more optimistic," she said.Fame Swayze brought roles in such films as "Dirty dancing", "Ghost", "road House", "On the crest of a wave" and others. In addition, a few ribbons actor, since the childhood was engaged in dances and finished two ballet school, acted as producer and composer. Since 1975 Swayze was married to Lisa Them, they do not have children.Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. In the USA this diagnosis annually put 33 thousand people. The difficulty lies in its diagnosis in the early stages. The mortality rate is almost one hundred percent. Only 2 of 10 patients with pancreatic cancer will live at least one year after diagnosis. Only certain patients will live for 5 years after the detection of this cancer. The ratio of mortality to incidence according to who is equal to 0.99, according to pror. Source: Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancer.

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