The soloist `Reflex` `pregnant` on a fashion show

The soloist `Reflex` `pregnant` on a fashion show The soloist of the group "Reflex" Zhenya Malakhova at a recent show designer Ilya Shiyan appeared in garb that is more suitable for pregnant women.Outfit Zhenya was really strange: light shirt with a floral print, bright blue leggings and a flared bottom dress "for pregnant women". During the conversation with journalists the girl clutched his stomach that has generated a lot of questions.Zhenya in response, smiled mysteriously and said, "I just hatched out a new album Blondes-126"."This is not a maternity dress, a trend jacket, which is now very urgent," explained the author of the collection Ilya Shiyan. But it will look great on pregnant women. Generally, a pregnant woman is beautiful. Thank you Anastasia and his Wife that they agreed to decorate my show with their presence. They fully met my expectations".By the way, a colleague of Eugene in the group "Reflex" Nastia Studenikina got an outfit of a different kind. Nastya Studenikina designer dressed in the style of street-punk: jacket blue leather pants with a low step width.And Nastya, and Jack was very pleased with the participation in the fashion show of designer. "As for Ilya Shiyan, he looks great," says Zhenya Malakhova. This is a very talented and creative designer. It creates a beautiful model is not the first year. Things in which he has clothed me today, I am very fond of, even don't want to part with them".In the show besides professional models also participated and other pop stars: Roman Arkhipov (Chelsea), Sergey Zverev, Angelica and group Plazma. Source: the Soloist of "the Reflex" "pregnant" on a fashion show (photos).

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