In Italy awarded the film from Russia

In Italy awarded the film from RussiaOn the 9th festival of European cinema in the Italian city of Lecce "the Banishment" by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev won two awards.Picture, first presented to the audience at the Cannes film festival last year, was included in the competition program with nine other films by young Directors from Denmark, Poland, Estonia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Croatia. The main prize of the show - a statuette of "Golden olive tree" - took neighbors, the Spaniards. "Chastity" brothers Tristan and David Ulloa talks about the conflict of generations of one family going through hard times. Spanish producers have also received a monetary reward in the amount of 5 thousand euros.The Russian film was awarded the prize for best screenplay and cinematography, ITAR-TASS reported. At the Cannes film festival picture of "Exile", as we won the prize for best actor.Meanwhile, the French press got carefully concealed information on the programme of the 61st Cannes film festival, which will take place from 14 to 25 may. Officially the cinematic secrets of the cГґte d'azur must be opened only on April 23. To name the main participants of the European kinopravda hurried Parisien newspaper.Presumably, in the struggle for the main prize - "Golden palm" - enter "Synecdoche, NY" Charlie Kauffman (the first full movies, directed by the screenwriter of the cult film "Being John Malkovich"), "Blindness" ("Blindness") Fernando Meirelles with Juliana Moore and Gabriel Garcia Bernales starring, "Palermo Shooting" by WIM Wenders, "Gomorrah" Italian Matteo Garrone, and "the edge of love" ("The Edge of Love") John Maybury with keira Knightley and Sienna Miller. It is likely that the competition will participate and the film "Che" by Steven Soderbergh, in which the image of the famous figure of the Cuban revolution tried on Benicio del Toro. The competition will also involve three or four French films, but so far Parisien accuracy can only call "the Christmas story" Arno Depleshana with Catherine Deneuve in the title role. Source: Italy awarded the film from Russia.

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