Leading reality show `House-2` free diamonds

Leading reality show `House-2` free diamondsLeading reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina March 8, celebrated his next birthday.If last year's congratulate her came her only close friends, and the celebration itself was held in one of the restaurants in Venice, this time Ksenia decided to throw a party for a wide variety of guests in a Moscow restaurant.At the entrance the guests were greeted by singing and dancing Gypsies who tried to persuade everyone to "buy happiness the birthday girl". In response, the guests drink champagne or liquors in the hall so everyone was in high spirits.The Xenia too was in an excellent mood. Though birthday and is considered to be a sad holiday, Borodina had no reason to be sad.Leading "House-2" are literally covered with flowers. Luxurious bouquets and then had to take two cars and the apartment Xenia for all roses, gerberas, irises, tulips and orchids lacked five vases. She even had to buy a bucket and put the bouquets in them. According to the birthday girl, her apartment looked like a flower shop.Borodin was rewarded with not only flowers, but also diamonds. Duma Deputy Alexei Mitrofanov presented Xenia gold pendant with three diamonds, two friends gave each a pendant in white gold with diamonds. As a young man Xenia Anton gave his beloved a diamond ring. Very handy among the gifts was an elegant box made of noble wood for storing jewelry.However, the birthday of Xenia has received not only jewelry, but also many other interesting gifts. Songwriter Dima Bilan Dennis Kowalski gave the birthday girl plaid chinchilla, Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova - tracksuit. Wardrobe TV presenter supplemented with donated t-shirts, belts, stunning and chic corset underwear. As host of the program about sex Anfisa Chekhova and did a happy birthday girl sexy game.The most original gift was an electric guitar. To play this instrument Ksenia can't yet and not even wanted to master the instrument. The unexpected gift made in Xenia Borodin great impression. She immediately hung it on his neck and played with her fiery dance on the table.Inspired by an impromptu guests, too, began to dance. Moreover, the participants "Houses-2" Stepan Menshchikov, Olga Mozak, Victoria Karaseva and Ruslan Proskurov arranged for all mini-concert.In the end, and she sang Xenia, and her mother, and even Anfisa Chekhova. And in the midst of the party men picked up the birthday girl on her hands and began to toss it into the air. Fortunately, soaring to the ceiling Xenia gently caught and returned to earth. As guests say, this scene was an excellent illustration of the toasts, in which Ksenia wanted to fly higher and Shine brighter. Source: the Leading reality show "Dom-2" free diamonds.

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