The ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy married the Moroccan millionaire

The ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy married the Moroccan millionaireCecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, yesterday married her Moroccan lover Richard Attias. The wedding ceremony was held in new York at the famous rainbow room of Rockefeller center.In celebration of 50-year-old Cecilia and 48-year-old advertising tycoon invited 150 guests, informs Agency France Presse. The celebration began on Friday with a party in the house of Attias in Connecticut. On Saturday invited dined at an expensive restaurant on Broadway, and then visited with a couple of Broadway musical "Mamma Mia!". As for treats, we change French cuisine heroes of the evening did not dare - the menu was listed a national dish: foie Gras and the roasted lobster, said First channel.All the details of the wedding, which, we recall, took place a month after the marriage of Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian model Carla Bruni, were strictly classified, guests are prohibited to bring cameras and video cameras, with the press talked about the security service. According to rumors, exclusive rights to film the ceremony suggested the newspaper "Paris-Match", but it refused, not wanting to spoil relations with the President of France, with whom a friendly owner magazine Arno Lagardere.Nicolas and Cecilia Sarkozy announced their divorce in October of last year. Soon the President of France has brought to light his new lover Carla Bruni, which officially registered relationship in February 2008. They say that he introduced his ex-wife with the head of a large advertising firm Aliacom. For Cecilia's marriage to Moroccan millionaire became the third, writes France Presse. Source: Ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy married the Moroccan millionaire.

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