Aitmatov is almost `unconscious`

Aitmatov is almost `unconscious`Famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov placed in the "Fourth medical clinic" one of the largest medical centers in Germany "Klinikum nГјrnberg sГјd" in Nuremberg.Aitmatov is in the ICU, informed RIA Novosti the representative of the clinic, is the state of his "heavy", it is almost "unconscious". The clinic refused to give any additional information."The fourth medical clinic" medical center "Klinikum nГјrnberg sГјd" together with the similar Department of the University clinic in Erlangen, which is near Nuremberg, are Germany's largest centres for the treatment of renal and hypertensive diseases.Aitmatov was hospitalized on Friday in Kazan with a diagnosis of renal failure". The writer came to the capital of Tatarstan together with the film crew of TV channel "Russia" on Thursday night, as part of the filming of "lasts more than a day." It was assumed that during the two days of stay in the Republic, he will meet with President of Tatarstan, relatives in Kazan and Kukmor region of Tatarstan. Source: Aitmatov is almost "unconscious"".

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