Yakubovich was auctioned military town

Yakubovich was auctioned military townThe Russian defense Ministry has auctioned off a military town on the left Bank street in Moscow. Conducted trades the famous showman Leonid Yakubovich, and the amount of the transaction amounted to 1145 million rubles.Military town, for sale, located in the Northwest of the Russian capital and occupies a land area of 28,403 thousand square meters.As explained during the auction Yakubovich, according to the official position of the defense Ministry, "the released military property unpromising and used by the military Department. All proceeds of the auction money will be spent exclusively for the acquisition of permanent housing and the construction of social facilities for the military. The winning bidder was LLC "Master Miners".In addition, at auction on Tuesday were sold and construction of a military camp, located in the village Rublevo on Rublevsky highway, reports "Interfax". This lot went for 2606 million rubles, and the buyer was LLC "Bon project.As reminds RIA "news" in the current year, the defense Ministry plans to auction more than 20 vacant military sites throughout the country - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that all money raised will be spent on solving social problems of the military.According to the defense Ministry, the implementation of military towns will not affect the defence of the state, as intended for sale only to those objects of military property, which now or in the future will not need the military Department. Source: Yakubovich sold at auction military town.

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