The Patarkatsishvili family can't share the TV company `Imedi`

The Patarkatsishvili family can't share the TV company `Imedi`Relatives of the deceased Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili came into dispute with its consolidated cousin, a US citizen Joseph Kay about rights owned by Patarkatsishvili, the TV company "Imedi".As reported on Sunday, the Georgian media, relatives sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Georgia Lado Gurgenidze, requesting to suspend the powers of j.Kay property Patarkatsishvili in Georgia, because, in their view, the documents could be falsified.Eve J. Kay arrived in Tbilisi and told reporters that Patarkatsishvili shortly before his death gave him the right to dispose of property that is valued at $12 billion, He, in particular, stated that it is the owner of the TV company "Imedi", the founder of which was Patarkatsishvili, and met with the leadership of the company.After this meeting, the General Director of TV company "Imedi" told reporters that he has a lot of questions and he is not yet able to say exactly who is the owner of Imedi. For its part, the businessman Boris Berezovsky, who was a business partner of Patarkatsishvili, also expressed doubts about the powers of j.Kay."Badri Patarkatsishvili, as a powerful personality, not paying attention to him, as always controlled the situation, but after his death, on the second day Joseph Kay appeared in the house of Badri with a lawyer and they sued the family of Badri authority to handle all that remained after his death," Berezovsky said in an interview with TV channel "Rustavi 2".According to him, George.Kay went to Georgia and presented the same documents to the Georgian authorities. Meanwhile, Berezovsky expressed doubts about the authenticity of the documents submitted.Earlier this week, former defense Minister of Georgia, one of the opposition leaders, Irakli Okruashvili told journalists that j.Kay with the present Georgian authorities recently bought a number of important facilities in Georgia, in particular, Rustavi metallurgical plant and the Agarak plant for the production of sugar. According to the former Minister, the Georgian authorities in response to benefits provided by the purchase of these assets was wanting to get from j.Kay control of the TV company "Imedi"."This transaction already took place and the TV company "Imedi" through surrogates will come under the full control Saakashvili (President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, Okruashvili said.Meanwhile, the TV company "Imedi", closed in December last year, is still not aired. The opposition plans to March 24, to hold a massive rally in Tbilisi in front of the Parliament demanding the government to stop attempts to establish control over the TV company "Imedi" and begin its broadcast. Source: Relatives Patarkatsishvili can't share the TV company "Imedi"".

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