Emilia Vishnevskaya has revealed the secret of slimness

Emilia Vishnevskaya has revealed the secret of slimnessOne of the most elegant representatives of the Russian show business Emiliya Vishnevskaya wrote a book about health, which addresses the topic of lean and full, which so appeals to many people.In this book she is sharing her thoughts and reveals the secrets of her beauty and slenderness."Unfortunately in our country, 70 percent of people are overweight, so to please them, as they are the main consumers of "televezionnoj, food and light industry, the pressure of slender people who in turn are the legislators of fashion, beauty and health.The pressure is seen everywhere, for example in television programs where people with curvaceous criticize designers for the fact that they do not create collection 54 size, and choose models with perfect bodies.The impression that is the destruction of a nation, all are welcome unhealthy trends such as puffed man, is an indicator of health, while in all countries of the world the complete man is a man with big problems and it's scientifically proven! We are so launched a health that now can't get out of this vicious circle and only one thing : to convince people that diet is disgusting, slimness and thinness - it's deadly. I would not be surprised if after a while slim people are outsiders in our society.I encourage all people to think about their health and to understand one thing that the cult full of people, it's just business .Full and sick man favorable to the government, as he lives an order of magnitude less, and the money is paying for the treatment much more than the person who takes care of himself.Today is cool and trendy to be healthy! It is fashionable to live happily ever after!" Source: Emilia Vishnevskaya has revealed the secret of slimness.

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