Jack Nicholson is interested in boring sex

Jack Nicholson is interested in boring sexHa the Caribbean island of St. Bart Nicholson in vain did not lose time. The sun was already a movie star multihance in the sea or enthusiastically flirting with girls in bikinis.Just like his character from the movie "a Few good men", who used to say: "There is on this earth is nothing more sexy than a woman greets you in the morning". Not long ago, the actor admitted that sex, although in a less fancy shapes, interested in him still.And, in his opinion, it looks even more imposing than 20 years ago. Probably, the way it is - Nicholson on St. Barth are not missed. One of those lucky enough to get into the network celebrities, papadellis joy: Men with such charm no more! When he smiled, I suddenly forgot that the chest is more of my Jack. Source: Jack Nicholson is interested in boring sex.

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