Stepbrother johnny Depp wrote a book about Hollywood

Stepbrother johnny Depp wrote a book about HollywoodStepbrother johnny Depp wrote the book, which told about the secret mechanisms operating in Hollywoode, writes the Sunday newspaper the Independent.Detective novel "City of losers" (Loser's Town) became the first work by Daniel Depp (Daniel P Depp).The book describes the investigation of blackmail a famous actor. The bully is unsuccessful the Director, who sees no other way to force the star to star in his film. Literary agent Daniel Depp stressed that all the events in the book are fictional and have no relation to the author's brother - Hollywood star johnny Depp.Critics of the book of Daniel Depp's commercial success in both U.S. and global market. Publishing companies in several countries have already acquired the rights to publish the "City of losers". Literary agent Depp added that in case of success, the book is scheduled to make a TV series.Johnny and Daniel Deppe children of the same father worked together on a new film, "Brave" (The Brave), which was released in 1997 and was nominated for the Palme d'or. In addition to working in film Daniel Depp was engaged in journalism, book publishing, photography and also worked briefly as a teacher. Source: stepbrother johnny Depp wrote a book about Hollywood.

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