Dyuzhev was late for his own wedding

Dyuzhev was late for his own weddingActor Dmitry Dyuzhev finally broke up with her single life and found a new, more solid status as a married man. Wedding artist was awesome, if only because the bride and groom were married on Valentine's Day, February 14.In the span of the celebration, of course, differed from lush in the spirit of Anastasia Volochkova. But without a pair of limousines, luxury wedding dresses, pigeons and traditional Banquet in the restaurant was not.Dmitry and his girlfriend Tatiana were married in Griboyedov the registry office. Due to the difficult situation on the roads of the bride and groom a little late, in the end Dyuzhev and even appeared at the door of the registry office one.However, fears of the guests at the ceremony about the runaway bride were in vain. It turns out that Dmitry just decided personally to check, will pass in a narrow alley just two of the limousine. So he walked down the street on foot, and behind him was moving black and white limousine.According to witnesses, the groom was in a great mood. Usually not fond of journalists, he allowed them to take pictures of themselves and a spouse and happily smiling at the camera.To congratulate each other in a solemn moment came colleagues in the series "Brigada" Pavel Maykov Vladimir Vdovichenkov. And the main "foreman" Sergey Bezrukov at the wedding and has not appeared.The couple under sounds of a March by Mendelssohn bonded Union of signatures, went outside, launched into the sky a couple of white doves, kissed under shouts "bitterly!", plunged into the limo and drove away, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.And in the evening the newly made spouses and their guests were treated to a Banquet at a celebration at the Metropole. Source: Dyuzhev was late for his own wedding.

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