The soloist of the group "Mirage" entered the scene on gift fan

The soloist of the group February 23 Golden voices of the group "Mirage" Margarita Suhankina and Natalia gulkin congratulated the men on the occasion from the stage of the concert hall DC , where he was their next solo concert.Vacant seats in the hall, as always, was not. Fans crowded in front of the ticket office of the Palace of culture, in the hope of getting to the concert. Such a rush, workers admitted to the DC, was not long ago!"We didn't expect so many fans and flowers! - Said Natalia Gulkin. - The most interesting is that the first ranks were many of our faithful friends, who for one of the concert arrived from Ekaterinburg, Ufa, even from Vladivostok flew my old school friend. They are all very close to us, they know our repertoire by heart, so the whole concert was singing along. By the way, in concert with Rita we sang songs, which is already twenty years of not singing, I could not believe my ears when the song "Electricity" helped me to sing the whole room and not just friends. It is always a pleasure!But the gifts that day received not only by the audience. A longtime fan often gave her expensive gifts: a mink coat, precious necklace, on her last birthday presented a portrait hand embroidery from little gems, and this time decided to give her favorite singer no less than the original gift:Is this man for years, congratulates me with all the holidays and brings incredible gifts! Also, it's unobtrusive, like some other fans. - Says Margarita. - February 23, before the concert, he called me and said that today will give me that bike! I, actually, thought it was a joke!Loyal fan really gave Margaret as a gift to your sport bike Honda. As it turned out, on this motorcycle, he took first place at a sporting event. The singer decided to thank the fans. When Margaret went to the scene on a bright yellow bike - the whole room gasped. Source: the soloist of the group "Mirage" entered the scene on gift fan.

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