`Golden bear` went to the film `Elite squad`

`Golden bear` went to the film `Elite squad`At a meeting held late on Saturday the closing ceremony of the 58th International film festival "Berlinale" the main prize for best film suddenly got the movie "Elite squad" Brazilian producer and Director josГ© Padilla.The last time Brazilian filmmakers were honored with awards at the Berlin film festival in 1998 - drama directed by Walter Salles's "Central station" was awarded the "Golden bear" and the performer of the role of Dora Fernanda Montenegro received the Silver bear for best actress.World premiere of the film "Elite squad", whose budget amounted to $ 4 million, took place in August 2007, and since then, the picture has managed to pay off themselves, having earned in world hire more than 11.4 million.Jose Padilla better known as a producer. "Elite squad" is the second film in which he acted as Director. The first was awarded by the audience at the festival in Rio de Janeiro documentary "Bus 174" about the capture of a terrorist hostage the passengers of the trip bus.At the new art Padilla picture events unfolding against the backdrop of the upcoming visit of the Pope to Rio de Janeiro in 1997. The captain of a battalion of special police operations (FOSS) Nacimento gets the job to put an end to the activities of drug traffickers in the area of the future residence of the Pope. However, the commander of an elite squad more busy thinking about switching to a quieter job, since the expected first child. So among his subordinates, he is looking for someone that can replace him at the head of the squad. Waver between impulsive Neto and intelligent Mathias, who recently joined in FOSS from the military police. In the film, as they say now, a lot of scenes in the style of "action", but also a lot of philosophical subtext that becomes a distinctive feature of Brazilian cinema by the Director.The jury headed by Greek actor, Director and producer Constantine Costa-Gavras was awarded the Grand Prix (Silver bear) documentary "Standard procedure" (Standard Operating Procedure) is an American Director Oscar Errol Morris, depicting the cases of beatings, torture and other human rights abuses by American guards at the military prison of Abu Ghraib near Baghdad. Many critics named in this regard, the current Berlin film festival "overly politicized.".

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