Schwarzenegger fired Clint Eastwood for `great` work

Schwarzenegger fired Clint Eastwood for `great` workCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fired the famous actor Clint Eastwood and his brother-in-law, reports the Daily Record. "The terminator" was released in-state Commission on natural parks.He did this due to the fact that they have spoken out against the construction of a toll road through one of them.Bobby Shriver, brother of the wife of Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver, says he and Eastwood were dumbfounded by this decision. "This shows how powerful lobbyists, once they convinced the Governor to fire us," said Shriver. "Parks are not there to build roads through them", he added.According to him, he and Eastwood claimed a third term on the Commission, but was refused. The Commission Shriver and Eastwood were appointed in 2001, former Governor gray Davis, and in 2004, were confirmed in office by Schwarzenegger.Meanwhile, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger said that the fired position for the road works did not affect the decision of the Governor. "The Governor believes that they both did a great job," reported Aaron Mackler. Source: Schwarzenegger fired Clint Eastwood for "excellent" work.

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