The curse of `James bond`: the shooting occurred another incident

The curse of `James bond`: the shooting occurred another incidentThe shooting of the new "James bond" another incident took place. Technical officer, engaged in the work on the film "quantum of solace", was stabbed in a domestic dispute, reports the Daily Mail.On Saturday morning, 58-year-old Briton, whose name was not reported, was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood at the house in the Austrian town of Dornbirn. According to the police, he was attacked by the woman, the mistress of the house.According to sources close to the filming taking place in Austria, the man in critical condition was sent to the hospital.The police reported that on that evening the man he met in a local bar with a 47-year-old Austrian and she invited him to her home, where the incident occurred. "In the bedroom, the woman attacked a man with a knife for cutting meat. Looks like he snatched the knife from her hands, ran outside and there he lost consciousness. He received deep cuts on the head and hands. At first the police thought that he died because he lost a lot of blood," - said the representative of the police, adding that the woman was arrested.This is the third incident on the set of "Quantum of solace" for the last time. Two weeks ago a British stuntman, engaged in work on the film, flew to the car James bond Aston Martin with 8-meter height in the lake Garda in Italy.A week later, again in Italy, two stuntman, Greek and Italian, who performed the difficult trick of collision of a passenger car with a truck, were injured, one of them seriously. Source: Curse of "James bond": the shooting occurred another incident.

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