Britney Spears has squandered his millions

Britney Spears has squandered his millionsWasted several years of his millions on entertainment, shopping and uncontrolled lifestyle, Britney Spears is now forced to tighten their belt. Consultants scandalous singer has sharply reduced its budget."Britney's never had as much money as claimed. All this talk about 100 million dollars were far from reality," says the magazine OK! a source close to the singer.Actually, in the best case the condition Britney is 40 million dollars and her team wants to keep the money, so she was calm and able to maintain their two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, even without any additional income."We will have to tighten the belt," says the source. About 100 thousand dollars, which she usually spent a month on entertainment and recreation, will be reduced to 10 thousand and 16 thousand dollars, leaving a month for clothes will be half. In addition, from 1 April, the singer will release his home in Malibu, traversing 30 thousand dollars a month where it no longer appeared.Becoming the guardian of his daughter, the father of Britney, Jamie Spears, has blocked her credit cards. He, along with attorney Andrew Wollaton manages the assets of the stars. Her brother Brian and another lawyer managers of the Fund from which it receives money for daily needs.Now the main expenditure items are attorneys ' fees, round the clock security and medical costs. "It took a huge team of people, in order to normalize the chaos that was. This team will need more than one year," says the source."Only doctors and therapists seven pieces. Lawyers take on her finances, child custody and kept at a distance former Manager Sam Lufti. This year alone her legal expenses can add up to $ 1 million," adds the source.In addition, on Monday, the court allowed Jamie Spears to sell a few cars from the Park Britney. Attorneys Jamie stated that the costs of the machines is too high and sell some of them will not spend for nothing the property of the singer. Among all cars Britney has two white Mercedes SL65 CLK350 and), white Mini Cooper and a black Audi. Source: Britney Spears squandered his millions.

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