The largest lesbian scandal in Hollywood

The largest lesbian scandal in HollywoodThe Western press continues to discuss the details of the breakup of the famous actress jodie foster (Jodie Foster) and his partner Sydney Bernard (Cydney Bernard), who she lived with for 14 years and raised two children.Recently, the newspaper wrote that a new love foster - screenwriter Cindy mort (Cindy Mort), with whom they met on the set of the film "The Brave One" in 2007. Now the tabloid "Daily Mail" published photos of the pair, claiming that this is the first snapshot of the joint stars with new passion.In 2007 mort continued to live with actress Melanie Meron (Melanie Mayron), which also raised two children - twins Olivia and miles. Pair Jody-Sidney and Cindy-Melanie appeared regularly in the society.According to "Daily Mail", "Jody and Cindy became friends because they were in a similar situation: both maintained long-term relationships with partners and raise children. However, over time, this friendship grew into something more.".

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