Angelina Jolie found a terrible disease

Angelina Jolie found a terrible diseaseAngelina Jolie was happy during her first pregnancy when she was pregnant daughter, Shiloh. However, now that she is expecting twins, she has a hard time.Informed sources said that 32-year-old actress, located on the sixth month, has a whole bunch of health problems: swelling, gestational diabetes, fatigue and permanent nausea."About a month ago she developed diabetes. On this occasion she went to a dietitian. She had to drastically change my diet. But before she had a weight problem. When her mother died, Marslen Bertrand, Jolie weighed only 45 kg," says the source.Diabetes is not the only problem Jolie. She also has painful swelling. "Her legs are swelled by at least a half size," said журналуStar source.Add to this fatigue. After moving with the children to Texas, where brad pitt starred in the film "the Tree of life", her especially hard. "She is constantly tired and irritable. She feels awkward and weak," - said the publication. Source: Angelina Jolie discovered a terrible disease.

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