Lieutenant Columbo mental problems

Lieutenant Columbo mental problems The forgotten 80-year-old actor Peter Falk, who is most famous role in the TV series about Lieutenant Columbo, like, mental problems.A few days ago, passers-by were shocked to see the actor wandering through the streets of Beverly hills in a state of psychosis, with dirty face and dirty clothes.Peter Falk, besides, shouting meaningless words. All this went out the paparazzi.Once lovers in Colombo, the audience hardly recognized the former star: he was wearing unbuttoned to the waist of the shirt, above the belt, comes in light brown pants, and dirty form, two sizes smaller, hanging belly. Gray ashy hair disheveled, emphasizing puffy and glistening fat face.Peter Falk gave a show to the delight of the paparazzi he waved his arms to the sky, screamed and beat his hands."He was completely disoriented, and, apparently, he didn't understand where he wants to go," said a passerby. One eye witness to the shame of Peter Falk called the police, writes La Stampa (the full text on the website cops got out of the car and spend a few minutes talking with a former Lieutenant Colombo. "His condition is not serious," explained they, "besides, he lives not far from here, so don't need our help".Popular TV series about Lieutenant Columbo appeared on the screen for as much as 30 years. His first season was in the United States in early 1968. The last series was filmed in 1998.The inspector of Italian descent from Los Angeles was quite primitive: it was always crumpled bright cloak in his teeth - a constant cigar, he loved Chile, had a dog named Dog and drove a Peugeot 403 convertible 1959 release, which he personally chose. He constantly mentions his wife, who never appears in the frame, eventually becoming grotesque character from myth. The series rapidly became successful, won four awards "Emmy" and "Golden globe", has been repeatedly Nemirova for "Oscar".However, when Lieutenant Columbo retired, star Falk was darkened, and, despite several roles in other films and theatrical performances, it almost ceased to remember. Source: Lieutenant Columbo mental problems (photos).

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