Today remember Alexander Abdulov

Today remember Alexander AbdulovHundreds of admirers of talent of Alexander Abdulov came Sunday, on the 40th day after the death of Alexander Abdulov, the tomb of the actor at the cemetery Vagankovsky.People come, silently standing around the graves, many of them in tears. At the grave - a sea of flowers, including gorgeous wreaths and carnations and lit candles, RIA "Novosti".Some of the fans of the actor brought to the grave two scarf "Spartak" - favorite team Abdulov, for which he suffered since childhood. At the grave a wooden cross, on which hangs a sign with the name, years of life and a photo of the actor.Monday morning at the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in Putinka held a memorial service, said the Deputy Director of theatre "Lenkom" Sergey Voltaire. After that, family and colleagues Abdulov came to lay flowers on his grave in the cemetery Vagankovsky. According to him, "evening, according to Christian tradition, Abdulov will remember family and friends at his home".Abdulov was hospitalized in August 2007. During filming in Balaklava, near Sevastopol, he suddenly became aggravated stomach ulcer. The actor was immediately operated upon. A few days later he was transferred to Moscow, and then he went to Israel for a consultation. There he was diagnosed with lung cancer.January 3 at 7:20 the actor died at the Center for cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev. Abdulov was 54 years old - he was born may 29, 1953. The popular actor has successfully worked in film. He appeared in such films as "Ordinary miracle", "The very Munchausen", "the House that swift built", "Kill the dragon", "Carnival", "Genius".Among the films of the last decade Abdulov starred in the film "still waters", "Yellow dwarf", "NEXT" and "NEXT-2", "love", "Ice age", "the Master and Margarita", "Trap", and others. In 2000 he made his directorial debut, he directed the feature film "the Bremen town musicians and With" - a musical based on the famous tale.January 5, held a funeral service in the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in Putinka, which is located next to the "Lenkom" and the restoration of which was engaged actor. Source: Today remember Alexander Abdulov.

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