Ellen page turned down the role in the horror film

Ellen page turned down the role in the horror filmThe star of the movie "Juno" Ellen page turned down a part in a horror movie because of problems with the schedule, according to sources in the industry.Paige, nominated for "Oscar", will not be able to appear in the horror film "Take me to hell" because of the postponement of the start of filming, according to Variety. According to Reuters, in this film, Ellen will replace actress Alison Lohman.At the moment the start date of filming is transferred to avoid possible problems due to the impending Hollywood actors strike, reports the BBC. It is also reported that Paige will take part in several major projects, as the demand for it has increased significantly after successful roles in "Juno". The actress will star in the directorial debut of drew Barrymore, Comedy Whip It! and the Thriller "Peacock".The producers of "Take me to hell" had to urgently look for the actress with a baby face. It was 28-year-old Loman, gained fame with the role of a girl much younger than her age in the movie "White Oleander". Recently, the actress also voiced roles in the movie "Beowulf" treated and played a drug addict in the film "what we lost".The producers of "Take me to hell" Director Sam Raimi told Variety: "We really wanted to start shooting so that they coincided schedule c Ellen. However, like many companies wishing to start shooting before the potential start date of the strike, the Guild of actors of the screen, we were forced to postpone the start of the project".Previously such respected actors as George Clooney and Meryl Streep, urged the heads of the actor's Union to negotiate and not to repeat the infamous writers ' strike. The contract with the Guild of actors of the screen expires June 30. Ellen page will soon appear on the big screen in the movie "Smart people" with Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Premier is in the U.S. will be held in April. Source: Ellen page turned down the role in the horror film.

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