Heather mills declined from 10 million pounds, frightened by the court

Heather mills declined from 10 million pounds, frightened by the courtThe wife of former band member of the Beatles Paul McCartney Heather mills agree to divorce with no additional explanation of the relationship in that case, if he will pay her ВЈ 10 million.Writes about this on Saturday by the British newspaper the Daily Mail with reference to close to mills springs.According to interlocutors of the edition, 40-year-old mills begins to panic at the thought that she would have to give in court testimony about them with McCartney life together. The hearing at London's High court is expected to begin on Monday.On Tuesday, driven to despair mills called her husband and said he is ready to refuse from testifying for ВЈ 10 million - worth 40 million less than that which mills claimed earlier.Moreover, the former model has promised no longer to qualify for homes that McCartney purchased his first wife Linda, who died in 1998. She also stated that he would remain in the UK with them with McCartney's daughter Beatrice to the moment when she turns 18 years, provided that of Beatrice, and she will get a decent protection."She does everything not to pass stratellite and believes that its requirements is a fair price for all that she has invested in this marriage," the source said.He also added that mills never felt the urge to sort things out with her ex-husband in court, and did not need to testify is extremely upsetting to her."Every day she waits for the bell to consent to his proposal, though she never called. But she still hopes and prays that the Floor will surprise her a call tomorrow night and say that he pulled himself together and agrees," shared the source.Friends McCartney, in turn, argue that the musician after mills had rejected all proposals for an amicable resolution of the divorce, decided to go to the end."Paul wants to regain his good name and to be sure that the divorce procedure done within the rules. Heather got sucked the whole story, she was given countless chances to settle the world, but she was stubborn as a mule," said one of his close friends, ex-beatle.".

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