`Speed racer` and other new Russian cinema

`Speed racer` and other new Russian cinemaThursday on screens of the Russian cinemas will screen adaptation of the famous series of Japanese animation from the creators of the "Matrix" trilogy - "speed racer" (USA, 2008, Andy and Larry Wachowski).The main character is a young race car driver speed (Emile Hirsch - "Dangerous game", "girl next door", "alpha Dog") is at risk to challenge the Almighty automobile magnates and participate in races of the planetary values on your favorite car, according to the newspaper "Time of news".However, as the newspaper writes, dear and cherish producers during the past fifteen years, the project was buried under other hits and probably never will be repaid. Also starring Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Scott porter, Melville Pupo, Richard roundtree, Hiroyuki Sanada absolutely incredible and one chimpanzee.In the Russian hire also comes the film "the Game" (Russia, 2008, Alexander Rogozhkin). Creator popularly favorite features of national Hunting" and "Fishing" swung at the incredible history of the national football team, which must at all costs to win the world Cup.The film is at the training camp on the eve of an incredibly important game. Starring Aleksey Buldakov, Yuri Stepanov, Daniil Strakhov, Artem Volobuev, Kirill Pirogov, Love Lviv, Alexander Lymarev, Artur Vakha and Victor Babich.On Thursday, the audience will also be able to see a picture of the Mexican Director of "Fatal choice" (USA, 2007, Rigoberto Castaneda). Place the actions of his American debut Castaneda chose the cab stuck between floors Elevator.Three people seem to be suspended between heaven and earth, in the world of the triumph of claustrophobia. Starring amber Tamblyn, Aidan Guillen, armie hammer, Katie Stuart, Leslie Charles and Emma Prescott.The film is presented at last year's Cannes film festival - "Life after" (France, 2007, Gael Morel) comes out may 29 on screens of the Russian cinemas.A woman of Mature age (Catherine Deneuve - "Daily beauty", "the umbrellas of Cherbourg", "8 women") in a car accident loses her son, and then begins to feel not quite right feelings for his friend. Pure "cinema not for all". Also starring Tom Dumarse, guy Marchand, Elodie Boucher, Elli Medeiros, Louis REGO and very nearly Jolivet."You're living!" (Germany-France-Denmark-Norway, 2007, Roy Anderson) - another "sunset manually" from the Creator of the amazing "Songs from the second floor" the audience will see on Thursday. A series of stories about the end of the world and the people who survived it and didn't notice.The film was nominated by Sweden for the award "Oscar" for best foreign language film - one of the paintings, which, according to the newspaper, this year's miss was unforgivable. Starring björn Englund, Jessica Lundberg, Olle Olsson, Elisabet Helander and Eric Beckman.The screens also comes the horror film "the Strangers" (USA, 2008, Bryan Bertino). Newly married couple plans to spend their honeymoon in a secluded hut on the coast, but their plans change the company infernal individuals in masks, who came to her lover "just because they were at home." Starring Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Kip weeks, Laura Margolis and JEM ward. Source: "speed racer" and other new Russian cinema.

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