20 most attractive young royals of the world

20 most attractive young royals of the world American business magazine Forbes ranked the most attractive young royals of the world.It included representatives of 15 monarchical dynasties in the age of 35 and unmarried. In compiling the list, the magazine took into account the references of the candidates in the media, as well as the level of wealth of their families.1. Prince William25-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana hit the top of the list due to its popularity in the press. The involvement of the Royal family, style and charm makes it a regular hero gossip.2. Prince HarryJunior British Prince is not like his brother. In the media wrote a lot about how he smoked weed, noisy walked in and was put in the uncomfortable position of his family in a variety of ways, for example when appeared on the public with Nazi symbols. Recently, however, having served in Afghanistan, Harry seems to have become more reasonable.3. Zara PhillipsZara - Princess, if not by name, by blood. Her mother, Princess Anne, decided that her children will not have official titles to make their lives easier. Zara, an avid horsewoman, in 2006 won the gold medal at the European equestrian games, as well as going to compete at the Olympics in China this summer.4. Princess BeatriceBeatrice is the daughter of Sarah, Duchess of York, and Andrew, the Duke of York. Last year she graduated from high school and is now going to enter the University.5. Charlotte CasiraghiCharlotte and simultaneously a celebrity and princely person. She is known for her impeccable taste, just like her grandmother grace Kelly, and mother, Princess Caroline. She is fourth in line of succession to the throne of Monaco.6. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al MaktoumThe son of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktum, Prime Minister, Vice-President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, in February he was appointed crown Prince of this wealthy Emirate.7. Princess VictoriaSwedish Princess Victoria is now the only woman in the world, is the direct heir to the throne. 30-year-old Victoria, who lives together with her lover, a fitness trainer Daniel Westling, in 1998 he graduated from Yale University and is now preparing for the future performance of the duties of the Queen.8. Prince AzimPrince Azim - fourth in line of succession to the throne of Brunei, the current ruler of which, Hasanali Vageuly, is estimated at 22 billion dollars. Azim is a favorite object for the paparazzi. According to rumors, it often pays celebrities to attend not his festivities.9. Prince Carl PhilipPrince Carl Philip is second in line of succession to the Swedish throne after the sisters of Victoria. After graduating in 2006 University majoring in graphic design, he travels the world and documentary films10. Andrea CasiraghiAndrea is the eldest of three children of Princess Caroline of Monaco. He is second in line of succession to the throne after his mother, however, this may change if the rumours of the marriage of the reigning Prince albert.11. Prince AlbertPrince albert from the kind of the Thurn and taxis has long been one of the youngest billionaires in the Forbes list. 24-year-old Prince is now studying business and theology at the University of Edinburgh.12. Princess MadeleineSwedish Princess Madeleine is the youngest among the Swedish Royal offspring. One time she surprised everyone with his teenage antics and not a conservative style of clothing.13. Princess TheodoraPrincess Theodora of Greece and Denmark Princess without a Palace. Her father, king Constantine of Greece, was expelled from the country in 1967 and the monarchy was later abolished. Princess also retained his title and, in principle, is in the line of succession to the Greek and the British throne. Now she is a student.14. Prince Wenzeslaus33-year-old Prince of Liechtenstein is known to the public with his romance with model Adriana Lima. His Royal family is considered to be one of the richest in Europe.15. Princess Tsuguko22-year-old Princess is the eldest daughter of the late Japanese Prince Takamado. Due to the prevailing in Japan taboo on the discussion of the life of the Imperial family, little is known about her. Now Tsuguko studying sociology at the University of Edinburgh.16. Princess SirivannavariThis is the daughter of Thailand's crown Prince Maha. She bought her own fame as a fashion designer. She also plays professionally in badminton and in 2006 won the gold medal at the Games in South-East Asia.17. Maita bin Mohammed bint Rashid al Maktoum27-year-old Maita - the real Princess-the karate girl. It represents the UAE at the international karate championship in 2006 and won a silver medal at the Asian games. Her father is the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.18. Princess Iman bint al HusseinPrincess Iman is the daughter of the late king Hussein of Jordan. 24-year-old Princess is known to have served in the army. In 2002 she studied at the British military Academy Sandhurst, and then served in the armed forces of his country.19. Prince Philippos22-year-old son of a Greek king Constantine and Queen of Denmark, Anne-Marie. Like his sister Theodora, retains the title. Since 2004 she studies international relations at Georgetown University.20.

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