Leva from the group `Bi-2` changing profession musician

Leva from the group `Bi-2` changing profession musicianRocker Leva "Bi-2" preparing a new circus performance. The musician was always a bit afraid of animals, but now he will have to train porcupine, hippopotamus and wild boar. Loew spoke about his players and his circus adventures."What can I say about animals? I am skeptical of stories about Mowgli" - confessed rocker. From childhood he is afraid of animals, but now every day goes to the circus, washes and cleans vegetables, feeding elephants, once the dispute came in the cage with the tigers. Mentor leva Yuri Yurievich Durov said that the musician had begun to take the nerves after his house dwelt a live rooster. The actor told us such a funny story:"I was given homework. Attached is a live rooster named Pete. I ought to teach him how to crow. Today I dragged the cage with Pete on shopping, buying clothing for the brutal routine of cleaning cages. In the "business" I could be looking at the axe. At home my wife was allowed Peter to walk through the apartment and very quickly regretted it.Mirrored closet doors have become the cause of a fierce battle cock with his reflection. The next victim Petit became a vase. She never liked, and all sorts of ceramic sentimental Souvenirs from friends fed up. In General, the whole apartment was littered with debris.Early in the morning from the kitchen came the heartbreaking "Doodle". Only then I realized that this whole story is a kind of drawing for dummies from my mentors". Source: Lev group "Bi-2" changes occupation musician.

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