Carla Bruni was called to fight with mortality in childbirth

Carla Bruni was called to fight with mortality in childbirthThe wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy Carla Bruni called women of Europe to unite. This time she offered to strip naked, but on the contrary, urged to struggle with mortality in childbirth in third world countries."I know that my husband and Prime Minister of great Britain (Gordon brown) agreed to work together to increase the number of medical staff in Africa. One of the biggest tragedies of our time in the shade, especially in developing countries, when the most difficult and amazing moment of our lives - the birth of a baby can be a tragedy," said Bruni.According to the former top model and now a singer, a high mortality rate during childbirth is explained not only by the lack of skilled medical care, but also the status of women in third world countries. It is to change this situation should be directed efforts on the part of developed countries, she said. "You - all hope" - quoted by RIA "Novosti" words Bruni, who she said, referring to the 150 most influential women in Britain.In turn, the wife of the British Prime Minister urged women to abort their "shameful silence" and to raise the issue of female mortality at the upcoming summit of the International monetary Fund in Washington, at the world economic forum and, more importantly, at the UN summit in new York."The people in this room, can change the situation and to speak. It's a chance to work together to achieve real change and to do something important for the problem of death in childbirth was not forgotten," said Sarah brown.And for Bruni, and brown seminar at London's Lancaster house was the first major event they've spent as first lady. Source: Carla Bruni called to deal with mortality in childbirth.

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