Father Urgant't know about marriage son

Father Urgant't know about marriage sonThe news that Ivan Urgant has found a new darling in the face of another high school friend Natalia Kiknadze, surprised many. As they say, between young people after many years of separation again struck up a romance. The feelings were so strong, that she left her husband and went to Ivan.The pair soon expecting the birth of a child. The Natalia has two children from his first marriage. As for Ivan the future baby will be born first.The logical ending of this love story could be the wedding. But the lovers do not hurry to walk down the aisle. At least, father Ivan Urgant knows nothing about it.On the question of how he refers to the supposed marriage of son, Andrey Urgant replied: "He didn't tell me that he was going to marry. He has a baby in the spring, it's true. What about marriage I don't know. To do this, at least to obtain the consent of the bride. While I'm not informed about it".The status of the grandfather of actor Andrey Urgant was not scary, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". "I'm four and a half years as a grandfather," said the artist. My lovely daughter Maria, she is now 24 years old, at the age of 20 gave birth to my grandson. So I feel absolutely usual in this role. As well as the role of the grandmother, godfather, the Pope - these roles I manage well. Although nursing can briefly and infrequently, my daughter lives far away. And my kids love. And they pay me in return. I do children love".The work of his son, who became a highly successful TV presenter, Andrey Urgant soberly assesses. By the way, he never thinks Ivan's sort of funny and clown."He's not a Joker, - shared his opinion Urgant senior. - That's his job, he is a professional broadcaster. And one hundred percent knows this work, after all he already has a decade of experience"."He removes the mask," added the actor. Mask is an internal quality, not external. He exists in life, he has such a way of thinking - it evaluates the events and people of the situation, so and so says. Want to pass for the person who has a sense of humor - tell the truth. He is doing this. And I am too." Source: Father Urgant't know about marriage son.

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