Plushenko intends to deal with botulinum manly

Plushenko intends to deal with botulinum manlyLess than a month left before the song contest "Eurovision", where the honor of Russia will protect Dima Bilan. "KP" already wrote that in Belgrade go figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and violinist Edwin Marton.But it seems that detractors Bilan can't come to terms with the fact that the singer is going on "Eurovision". Businessman Victor Baturin has made another controversial statement announcing Bilan and Plushenko partakers of his wife and the producer of the singer Yana Rudkovskaya in a hostile takeover of his property. Threatening a renowned athlete, Bilan Rudkovskaya and the criminal case on this fact.Recall that Buchanan claims that all rights to stage image Bilan belong only to him. And businessman categorically against participation Plushenko in the bidding room of the singer.- To date, neither previously nor Bilan no information on this fact law enforcement was submitted. But in regards to Baturin criminal case is not yet closed! He threatened Jane with a gun, " said the "KP" in the press service of Bilan.To dot the "i", we called Evgeny Plushenko.- I intend to deal with botulinum like a man! - said "KP" Plushenko. - I am an Olympic champion and I know we're all Russia respects, therefore, if you, Viktor Baturin, want to ruin my reputation, then you will not work! I am tough enough.If such statements are addressed to him will sound again, I'll sue Baturina in court. My fans will support me. I have earned titles! Buchanan shall cease to ruin the lives of respectable people: me, Yana Rudkovskaya , Dima Bilan. Let him leave us alone and give Dima quietly acted on "the Eurovision". Source: Plushenko intends to deal with botulinum manly.

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