Da Vinci created the canons of beauty existing in our days

Da Vinci created the canons of beauty existing in our daysLeonardo da Vinci and other old masters created the canons of beauty that survived centuries. Five of the six neo-classical criteria, followed by the artists of the Renaissance in the definition of a beautiful face, was applicable in the modern world, writes The Times.Artists of the Renaissance, depicting a person's face, comply with the following rules: face width should be four times greater than the width of the nose and the height of the forehead, the length of the nose and chin should be the same. The only rule that in our days not used for the ratio of the size of the nose and lips.The researchers found that the Renaissance painters chose to depict more small mouth. According to a recent study, the most attractive is when the mouth is 1.6 times wider than the nose. Contemporaries da Vinci believed that the mouth should be wider nose 1.5 times.The rules created by the old masters, checked with the help of study: 36 volunteers were shown photos of 420 people, 32 of whom are celebrities. Actress Meg Ryan rated attractiveness first place, earning 8, 4 points out of 10, Rock hason was in second place with 7.8 points, Keanu Reeves - third (7,3) and Greta Garbo in fourth place (7 points). The participants of the experiment also showed the faces of unknown people, but they earned less points.The researchers found that the "small chin makes a woman more attractive. Small nose, a large distance between the eyes and small mouth are also considered as criteria of female beauty. In the men's faces considered attractive symmetry of the upper lip and nose. Face is divided into three equal vertical parts is also considered beautiful.".

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