Alexei Yagudin erection problems

Alexei Yagudin erection problemsThe idea that numerous novels skater Alexei Yagudin, described in the press, the invention of a clever PR people, gave us the sad story of the singer Anna Moravian (participants of the project "БаRхат"), writes "Express newspaper".- At a young age I, like many girls, attracted to the stars, " said Anna. - It seemed to me that they have a somewhat strange, not like the guys from our yard. But I was expecting a disappointment.I myself am from Sochi. And the first star, with whom fate brought me, was my fellow countryman Andrey Grigoriev from the group "Ivanushki". This was before he was taken into this group. At that time he lived in Sochi and worked as a model in the fashion Theater, Lyudmila Ivanova.By the standards of our city he was already a celebrity. I was 15 years old. I studied at art College. We with the girlfriend went to see them at shows, and she had a crush on Andrew, and later started Dating him. I envied her terribly: "a guy grabbed!" But envy was short-lived. Somehow they invited me to walk. Went to the waterfront in the port area, near the lighthouse. There is a place where very few tourists. And we had a disagreement, who will be able to pee off the boat. Andrew climbed onto the dock and was the first to set the example. My girlfriend followed him. I inadvertently left at the bottom. At this point the wind blew.And strong as a fire hose, the urine stream of the future "Ivanushki" blew right at me. In short, he described me from head to toe! Some say it is exquisite sexual fun and Golden rain. But I from this "rain" is not received. On the contrary, after this, began to feel for Andrew strong disgust. Still, when you see it somewhere, instinctively turn away.- Following my star friends was also a native of Sochi - Ilya Zudin from the group "Dynamite," continues Anna. When I met him, he was still working as a DJ in the club "Limpopo" at the Sochi hotel "Pearl". This is a very prestigious place, where the rest of the rich people. I brought back a friend. When I saw Elijah, I immediately liked it. At the time, for 50 - 100 roubles it was possible to order the DJ songs. We were regularly going to "Limpopo" and to give him orders. So to speak, to lure him.Ilya was the girls snapped. But I managed to attract his attention. I think he was fascinated with my short skirt, high heels and big Breasts. Unfortunately, the sex never came. When all was cool, I backpedaled. I don't know what to say as tactfully as possible, but I did not like the smell that came from mice.I also did not like his too long hair, braided in a ponytail. Any oily, greasy. And how I'd love to make love with him, I could not overcome the feeling of disgust. Then we have for some time used to phone each other, but gradually our communication faded.Ironically, when I moved to Moscow, met with his then-girlfriend Nadia Handle. At the time, she still sang in "Brilliant", and worked as hostesses in the restaurant "Le Parisien". Not sure how poor Nadia suffered untidiness and the stench of Elijah. Well, not eternal sinusitis. Perhaps because of this, their life together has not emerged. Faced I in Moscow by Ilya, but he pretended like I didn't know.Finally I have finished acquaintance with Alex agodini. I was on vacation in Turkey. Lived in Sol Camellia". In the evenings, all hanging out in the terrace bar. And then there was a young handsome guy. I asked a friend: "Who is this?" "Don't know" he replied. - Says he's a champion. Probably lying".But it turned out that it was true. We began with Alex to hang out, go to discos.

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