In Germany show Opera with naked actors

In Germany show Opera with naked actorsOn Saturday in Erfurt Director Johann Kresnik will present its version of "Masquerade", dedicated to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York. On stage he will bring 30 naked actors.According to Kresnicka that has not hide his Marxist views, dramatization should simply "provoke". His naked is supposed to symbolize the victims of capitalism, and the whole Opera is to criticize the claims of America to world dominance."It will be a different, provocative "Masquerade" at the WTC wreckage. In addition to music from Verdi's nothing left," said 69-year-old Director of the news Agency DPA. According to him, today the "normal" and the classic dramatizations impossible to lure young people into the halls. "We need to make new elements," he says. Source: In Germany will show Opera with naked actors.

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