Liza Boyarskaya broke a finger on the play

Liza Boyarskaya broke a finger on the playThe star of the movie "Irony of fate. A sequel to" Lisa boyars came on ceremony of delivery of awards MTV, despite the newly-acquired injury.The actress received from the hands of Mikhail Efremov's award for best comedic role on behalf of her colleague the famous painting - the actor Konstantin Khabensky. Kostya was to come to the ceremony failed, he is now on the film "Miracle" in the Tula region.Friends drew attention to the fact that the right pinky Lisa flaunts tight retentive bandage. As it turned out, the 22 year old actress suffered an occupational injury.- Broke a finger on the play - happen! - cheerfully commented Lisa "TD". - It all happened on the stage during the action. Now everything is in order, it will heal! - added boyar, stroking his injured finger.Now the daughter of the famous d'artagnan played in the play "the Life and fate of Lev Dodin. Just a couple of days ago, Lisa has received for this role the award "the gold mask".After the official part of Lisa went on specially organized for the guests of the ceremony the party. Yes not one, and with each other.- I'm rarely in Moscow, and then called the only friend who lives in the capital, and he agreed to accompany me to the party, " admitted Lisa. Source: Liza Boyarskaya broke a finger on the play.

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