Babkina called `Eurovision` disgrace

Babkina called `Eurovision` disgraceNadezhda Babkina amid universal rejoicing over the victory of Dima Bilan on Eurovision is very unflattering about the contest.A singer cannot be accused of lack of patriotism or professionalism, calls the event "a disgrace".On the eve of "Eurovision" actress was in Lipetsk, where he held a meeting with its festival "Songs of Russia". Before the gala concert Babkina held a master class for students and teachers of the regional school of art and answered questions from journalists.From this conversation, and it turned out that the much-anticipated broadcast of "Provideniya" Babkina is not going to look. It was not only that the night of Sunday the singer had to spend on the train. Nadezhda Georgievna there is a portable TV that often accompanies her on tour. But watch the final of "Eurovision" and cheering for Dima Bilan, the singer still did not want.As writes "KP-Voronezh ", the attitude Babkina to "Eurovision" was extremely negative."All I've ever seen before, I was not happy," said the singer. - I perfectly know, how are the auditions for the "Eurovision", and never let you go there none of the performers of the ensemble "Russian song". At least as long until you will be considered that played us music - "curiosities". The world expects us something amazing based on the national culture. And pop that in there to show you today, is a real disgrace!".

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