Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogs

Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogsEarl Simmons (Earl Simmons), known in the rap scene under the pseudonym DMX arrested by police in Phoenix, Arizona for animal abuse. This was reported on Saturday by the Associated Press.During a search of Simmons tried to barricade themselves in their bedroom, but riot police prevented him and arrested musician. Detectives seized from the apartment of rapper twelve dogs of the pit bull breed and found on the adjoining site, the remains of three more animals.The reason for the search houses and arrest Simmons were multiple reports of neighbors that a musician mocks dogs and disturb the peace in the County. But accusations of animal cruelty, the musician will be charged with illegal possession of drugs and weapons.Previously DMX was already brought to responsibility for violation of rules of driving and illegal possession of weapons. In 2004, Simmons, posing as an FBI agent undercover, crashed his sports car at the international airport of a name Kennedy. Source: Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogs.

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