Chef `Formula 1` resigned after bdsm Orgy

Chef `Formula 1` resigned after bdsm OrgyMax Mosley, chief of racing "Formula 1" was forced to resign after controversial confessions.Shestidesyatiletni Mosley said that his colleagues had no right to invade his privacy. He filed a search on protection of honor and dignity."My sexual priorities have no effect on my abilities, so I don't understand how these things are connected," says Mosley.Under some assumptions story surfaced thanks to the revelations of the wife of Mosley, which, according to unconfirmed reports, given on the pages of the British newspaper The Telegraph, sold the materials in the News of the World.The son of the leader of the British fascists during the Second world war, Oswald Mosley, chief of the most prestigious races of the world of Formula One, sir Max Mosley has demonstrated its dependence on a dark family past.The British newspaper the end of March this year were full of reports about a five-hour sado-masochistic Orgy that Mosley gave in his apartment with 5 prostitutes. The Orgy took place in the backdrop of the Nazi death camps, and prostitutes camp were dressed in robes. Source: Chef "Formula 1" has resigned after a bdsm Orgy.

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