Dima Bilan want to erect a monument

Dima Bilan want to erect a monumentDima Bilan after Eurovision elevated to the rank of the hero was awarded the title of people's artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, was named after him the street, and now, maybe put in his honor a monument.As it became known to the Internet portal LifeNews, Nizhny Novgorod fans of the singer offered to put a monument on the waterfront of the capital of the Volga region. Moreover, the idea came up to competition, but its implementation does not have funds. Now that the Eurovision song contest goes to Russia, groupies creativity Bilan took decisive action: they wrote an open letter to Dmitry Medvedev.- Even before the "Eurovision" we made a model of the monument Bilan, because one hundred percent were confident in the victory of Dima, - quotes the edition of a Bilan fan Light. "We asked the artist to portray Dima in the image of Gaius Julius Caesar with a Laurel wreath on his head. We know that our President really was rooting for Russia at the contest and was the first to congratulate Bilan's victory. Therefore, we believe that Mr Medvedev will help us."We think that Dima deserved national love and the monument, which will become its embodiment", write in the letter of Nizhny Novgorod fans of the singer, on behalf of all Russians. According to them, Bilan-Caesar must stand on the embankment in Nizhny Novgorod, which has five fan club of the singer.The reaction of the winner of Eurovision on the proposal of the fans remains to be seen. Now he is on a concert tour of Europe today and is giving a concert in London. Source: Dima Bilan want to erect a monument.

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