Paul will go on tour

Paul will go on tourThe resident of the Russian comic project Comedy Club, "glamorous bastard" Pavel Volya embarks on their first tour, dedicated to the release of their debut album-double Respect and Uvazhuha.First concert without censorship" will be held on Friday, 15 February, in Riga, and 16 February in Estonia. In club Tallinn Pavel Volya with his band, Multi-instrumentalists "tells the plain truth about love and other fun things to do", said the press center Comedy Club Production..Start to chop verb from the West, it was decided because we're moving towards the rising sun, resolutely making his way to the East, leaving in its path nor indifferent listener," said Will.After that, the resident of Comedy Club tour will continue in Russia. One of the talks is planned in Moscow in March.Album Respect and Uvazhuha, was released in November 2007 and was released with a total circulation of 60 thousand copies. According to "glam geek", his full-fledged musical project may be assessed only on his show or listened to in a clear sequence 29 tracks.The structure of the group consists of Multi-instrumentalists: Alex Masalitinov (keys), Lawrence Goldman (guitar), Salman abuyev (trumpet), Egor Shamanin (saxophone), Boris Ionov (drums), Artem of Tildiem (bass guitar), and two backing singers. Source: Pavel Volya will go on tour.

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