Gosha Kutsenko has prescribed a strict soft diet

Gosha Kutsenko has prescribed a strict soft dietOn Wednesday morning, well-known actor and showman Gosha Kutsenko once again lay on preventive therapy in the research Institute. Bakuleva. Physicians diagnostic Department of the clinic has prepared for his regular customer separate comfortable room.Kutsenko drove himself to the hospital, but the condition of the actor caused alarm to the physician, according to MK.The fact that shortly before this 40-year-old actor became ill on the set. Grimiruyas, Ghosh suddenly turned pale and began to choke, reports "Your day".After examination, doctors urgently began to stabilize the pressure that exceeded all valid parameters. After that the artist put on a drip and prescribed a course of intensive therapeutic treatment, designed to unclog the blood vessels and to treat the patient's heart (instruments recorded strong arrhythmia).Closer to the evening movie star status has improved significantly, and he's already in high spirits roamed from one treatment room to another.In the evening Kutsenko even persuaded the doctors to let him go to the premiere of the film "Indigo" in the cinema "October", where he showed up a little late and right in the lobby drained the glass of red wine.Hypertension - family illness of the artist. It suffers and his mother. Gosh repeatedly brought her to the clinic to reinforce health - the same Department. But my mom is here much less often than the son.The doctors once again urged the celebrity to limit themselves in food and drink. Kutsenko periodically tries to sit on a special diet, but his active life and in the work load each time I put the cross on good intentions of the actor. Source: Gosha Kutsenko has prescribed a strict soft diet.

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