Fidel Castro reveals the secrets of his life

Fidel Castro reveals the secrets of his lifeFidel Castro announced his intention to write a memoir. About this former Cuban leader told local reporters. He promised to start "writing" as soon as he "time permits".The fee for future journalistic work Castro intends to send to the publication of books for workers in the Cuban health system. Earlier, the 81-year-old Castro had expressed the wish to memorialize significant events of your life on paper. He expressed regret that previously were not recorded, and now can not remember the details of some events.Recall that Fidel Castro for 49 years was the permanent leader of Cuba. He graduated from the law faculty of the University of Havana. In the 1950s, along with his brother Raul Castro and Argentine Ernesto Che Guevara headed the revolutionary movement on Liberty Island and in 1976 became President of the Republic.In the last years of the reign of the Comandante had serious health problems. In 2006, he was admitted with bleeding in her stomach. Then he handed over the reins to his brother Raul Castro. Later, former Comandante was re-elected as a Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Cuba, but recently he stated that he does not intend to apply for top government posts.In his tenure as Chairman of the state Council of Cuba Fidel Castro has remained the oldest current government leader in the world. For those who grew up in Soviet times, he was one of the few romantic symbols of the revolution of the twentieth century. Patria o muerte! ("Homeland or death!") - this slogan was known to the Soviet children of the age of stagnation just as No pasaran! knew were pioneers of the Spanish civil war.The intention of Fidel Castro to publish a book about his own life, hardly anyone was surprised. Such is the lot of politicians-"pensioners": moving away from the authorities, most of them immediately start writing his memoirs. For example, Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Germany, has managed to release two volumes of memoirs about his life. It seems, and the third book is not far off: the last volume ended with a description of the fall of the Berlin wall. His memoirs wrote and Churchill and Eisenhower, and Havel, and Gorbachev. Source: Fidel Castro reveals the secrets of his life.

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