Russia still has not chosen a party `Eurovision-2008`

Russia still has not chosen a party `Eurovision-2008`Many countries have already identified the players who will travel to Belgrade on the musical contest "Eurovision". Who will represent Russia, remains a mystery. According to press reports, in Serbia is going to go by Dima Bilan.He allegedly even has his own song that he recorded in the United States and which is determined to win. In addition, according to rumors, to conquer Belgrade this year is also going Sergey Lazarev. However, neither he nor his representatives do not confirm this information, reports RIA "Novosti".Russian singer Varvara, which has twice been one of the candidates for participation in "Eurovision", said the third time to participate in the qualifying round is not going to. Despite entreaties from the fans and press, Barbara firm in his decision: according to her, the competition is a competition of companies representing singers, not musicians themselves. However, the barbarian promised in any case to support Russia, and wished all participants of the European competition having much luck.According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ukraine already undecided by. From this country to Belgrade will go singer Anna Lorak, a song written by Philip Kirkorov. According to the official website Eurovision song contest, Ukrainian singer Ruslana, who became the winner of the competition in 2004, and Verka Serduchka, who finished in Helsinki second, will participate in a musical show in Germany, during which this country will choose its representative.National selection in Germany will take place on 6 March. Belarus in Belgrade will be represented by Ruslan Alehno, 26-year-old winner of "people's artist-2". Ruslan will perform the song Hasta La Vista, reports participant of "Eurovision" and the Estonians. They became the group Kreisiraadio with the song Leto svet. This ensemble is very popular in Estonia. From Lithuania to Serbia will go by Erminas Mylius (Jerominas Milius) with the rock-ballad Nomads In The Night. He will try to put their country in the Eurovision final on may 22.In the 2008 Eurovision song contest for the first time will participate the representative of Azerbaijan. This was announced on the second of February. In the near future becomes known, whichever song by Azerbaijani singer Elnur Huseynov will win the hearts of Europeans. With names of participants of "Eurovision" also decided on the Czech Republic, Denmark, Malta, Montenegro and Slovenia.Meanwhile, it became known that the particular originality decided to show Ireland by sending to the contest puppet of Turkey, the hero of the popular children's transfer of Dustin. The final vote for six candidates from the short-list of the qualifying competition will be held in late February, but now the highest bets in bookmakers to make a feathered character. Source: Russia still has not selected participant of "Eurovision-2008"".

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