Husband of Madonna refused to have sex because of fad diets

Husband of Madonna refused to have sex because of fad dietsHusband pop idol Madonna, 39-year-old Director guy Ritchie, sat on a fashionable diet - now he only eats biscuits - and no longer want to have sex with her 49-year-old wife, told the star in an interview with radio Phoenix."My husband went on a diet, and it's just awful, because he no longer wants to have sex," said Madonna on the show Johnjay and Rich.It is reported that diet intake of only 800 calories a day help to lose weight such stars as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Now, with her weight trying to lose guy Ritchie, according to FOXNews."He really lost a lot of weight, but he didn't have so much to lose weight. I think he went for it, because all his friends were sitting on this diet. He decided to find out whether he will be able to refuse food," said Madonna.Dr. Sanford Siegel, who developed the diet in 1975, commented on the statement of the Madonna noting that "he treated more than 500 thousand patients and can't remember that though some of them reported similar effects of diet on their sexual appetites".He added: "as for my cookies, they are really tasty. However, I can't imagine a person, who for the sake of them will refuse to have sex". Ritchie and Madonna were married in 2000, since then punctually rumors about their divorce.Meanwhile, recently it became known that the couple are going to renew marriage vows. Madonna and guy are planning to hold a second ceremony to dispel rumors that their seven-year marriage is on the verge of splitting. Source: Madonna's Husband refused to have sex because of fad diets.

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