The soloist `VIA gra` Meseda pumped into the silicone breast

The soloist `VIA gra` Meseda pumped into the silicone breastGreen-eyed beauty Meseda shocked the audience with his bust her vagina for a short period of time, not only increased in size but has taken a very seductive form.Most interesting is that a year and a half ago a miracle happened and with the second half of the duet of "VIA gra" - Albina Dzhanabaeva, whose breast, as if by the wave of a wand of the wizard-erotomania, grew several sizes.At one of the ceremonies Meseda appeared in dress, clearly demonstrating its new acquisition - a magnificent chest fourth the size. And it could not generate all sorts of gossip. The most popular of the rumors, of course, was that the girl resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon, the newspaper "Life".We already wrote about the fact that modest previous size, bust Meseda looked out of place in the concept of "VIA gra". To somehow compensate for what you've given her nature, the star had to embark on a little feminine wiles. For example, put on a bra foam and silicone tabs. Now these problems behind. This convinced Bagaudinova from the first minutes of stay at the ceremony.- Wow, wow! - admired men, casting greedy glances at the neckline beauty. And Meseda, which has become a true sex-bomb, smiled happily in response. Source: the Soloist of "VIA gra" Meseda pumped into the silicone breast.

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