At the Cannes film festival will open at the Russian pavilion

At the Cannes film festival will open at the Russian pavilionFor the first time in the framework of the 61st Cannes film festival, which will take place from 14 to 25 may, in the "International village" will be opened Russian pavilion (The Russian Pavilion), RIA "Novosti".It is planned that it will become an integrated information center for Russian filmmakers and will officially represent Russia in the framework of the film festival and film market in Cannes. For the opening of the pavilion will be published for the first time Russian Industry Guide, which will provide the most complete information about the contemporary Russian film industry.One of the Central events in the pavilion will be an evening dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Russian film production. According to art Director of the festival Catherine mtsitouridze, will be held a festive dinner at one of the beaches. One of the days of the pavilion will be dedicated to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the conquest of the "Golden palm" a film by Mikhail Kalatozov's "the Cranes are Flying".According to the organizer of the pavilion Grigory Gevorkyan, The Russian Pavilion will be located in the Central part of the "International village" and will occupy an area of 50 square metres 35 square metres is outdoor terrace.Booth rent will cost the Russian side about 40 thousand euros. The same, according to Gevorgyan, will cost its contents, plus the wages of the staff. "The state represented by the Federal Agency for culture and cinematography, of course, helps, but most of the costs paid by sponsors," said Gevorgyan.The organizers stressed that the activities of the pavilion will be primarily informational in nature and do not in any way commercial. So while his work shows any new paintings. Will be shown only the rollers and the cutting of the films. An exception is made only for the oldest Russian films, such as "Stenka Libertines", which begins the domestic cinema exactly 100 years ago.According to the organizers, within the framework of the pavilion, will hold a master class of a famous film Director Alexey Herman-the senior, who will present a demonstration of his new film "Hard to be God". The master class will also Sergei Bodrov, the last picture which is "Mongol" was to be released in France.The booth will feature a presentation by Russian studios such as film concern "Mosfilm" film Studio "Lenfilm" film Studio named after Gorky film Studio Centre of national film" film company "Yugra-film", the film concern "Mentor-cinema", Russian World Studios, as well as the presentation of film festivals - Moscow international film festival, festival of cinema debuts "Spirit of fire", the festival "Tomorrow" Pacific Meridian. Source: Cannes film festival opens at the Russian pavilion.

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