Depardieu fined for beating a photographer

Depardieu fined for beating a photographerFrench actor Gerard Depardieu was sentenced Wednesday by an Italian court to a fine of 800 euros for beating the paparazzi, reports AFP. Depardieu himself in the court in Florence were absent.The incident occurred on 3 October 2005. The journalist tried to take a picture of the star in the store, where he went together with his companion. According to the victim, Depardieu first sign beckoned him to come closer, and then suddenly struck with the head of a reporter in the nose. As a result of the Italian paparazzi was forced to seek medical help.Recall that in 2005, drunk Depardieu scandal in talk show on French television, calling the journalist a "jackass" and "idiot" because he criticized the cookbook of the famous actor. Source: Depardieu fined for beating a photographer.

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