Dubtsova left her husband for lack of sex

Dubtsova left her husband for lack of sexDivorce Irina Dubtsova and Novel Chernitsyn was another sensation in the world of show business. This couple made a wedding almost live, "star Factory", and family collapse became lovers for all real shock.Irina as the main motif of parting with her husband called the lack of past feelings. But then in the press appeared information that the marriage Dubtsova and Chernitsyn destroyed treason. Irina seemed to be left for another man, the doctor of the dental clinic.The "izmennicy" quite a different point of view on this matter."I don't like to speak on this subject - not all wounds healed," said Dubtsova in an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". And the decision to leave was not easy for both of us. For divorce I filed. Just the love is gone, we ceased to be for each other the center of the universe. I dreamed that my family life was a little like my parents - they live the dream - love and understanding. But Roma had other ideas about the family, I sometimes had a lack of affection and warmth... But gossip about the change I want through your newspaper to refute. Anyway, my husband wasn't cheating".According to Dubtsova, romance with a mysterious man she was not."His reputation suffered in vain - it's just our dentist said Dubtsova. - I also have a nutritionist, gynecologist, though they are women... I just got divorced, and I haven't even had a boyfriend, as it is now fashionable to say. I'm free, and yet only enough time to work." Source: Dubtsova left her husband for lack of sex.

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