In the Parliament of Wales shot a love scene

In the Parliament of Wales shot a love sceneTV Fiction Factory filmed a sex scene for his series "Cardiff" in the toilet of the Parliament of Wales.Representatives of the Welsh national Assembly, which gave permission for filming, the staff said that the toilet is going to film a scene of a conversation between two characters, writes The Guardian.In the episode a young representative of an unnamed party, which just offered to become a candidate for the Parliament, lures her older lover in the toilet of Parliament, where they begin to have sex. The episode should be shown as early as this week, reports the BBC.Broadcasting and the Welsh S4C company, showing the series, has sent an official request to Fiction Factory, and members of the Welsh parliaments stated that it will continue to be more circumspect in the admission of film crews in the building of the National Assembly.William Graham, the representative of the Assembly Commission, which manages the building, said that the permit was issued for filming in the corridor and in the nursery in the bathroom March 14. "I think they betrayed our trust. I don't think there is a need to remove these scenes here - they should have their own toilets, which they can do anything", he said.Members of Parliament are extremely disappointed with what happened, because the Parliament has positioned itself as accessible to all. Graham stated that he could not imagine how the speaker of the House of Commons, for example, gives permission to shoot explicit scenes in the Palace of Westminster.Series "Cardiff" is positioned S4C as the picture showing "love in lust at the edge of city life". Press Secretary S4C said: "S4C has already contacted Fiction Factory and versed in the incident". Review from Fiction Factory not followed. Source: Parliament of Wales shot a love scene.

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