Found the remains do not belong bodrovu

Found the remains do not belong bodrovuAs explained in the MOE, the location of the group Bodrov is still controversial, but these remains are found too far.Human remains found in Karmadon (Genaldon) gorge, can't belong to anyone from the film crew of Sergey Bodrov Jr., said the head of the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations of North Ossetia Vladimir Ivanov."The last place you find the group Bodrov is a contentious issue, but we know that they were blocked by the debris flow mass accurately to Karmadon gates, as these remains are found is much lower, it is possible that this may be the remains of any of the group Bodrov," said Ivanov, reports Lenta.Ru.Earlier it was reported that the remains will be sent for forensic and genetic-molecular examination. It is expected that the results will be known at the end of next week, said the Agency specialist of forensic medical examination of North Ossetia.The Ministry of internal Affairs of North Ossetia, also expressed doubt that the remains may belong to Sergey bodrovu or someone from members of his crew, believes that, most likely, this is the remains of a man who was at the recreation center on the day of the disaster.We will remind, the car, presumably the brand "Moskvich", with human remains inside found on March 20 in the debris flow mass near Karmadon gates workers mining club "Cascade".The descent of the glacier Kolka 20 September 2002, according to scientists, was the largest in scale of glacier disasters recorded. Weight of ice, water and rocks, moving with a speed of 150 to 170 kilometers per hour, destroyed the village of Upper Karmadon, and destroyed the infrastructure of the gorges of the river Genaldon and Chiseldon.As a result of the disaster, the damage from which was estimated at 547 million rubles, killing over a hundred people, most of which are still considered missing. Source: Found the remains do not belong bodrovu.

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