Boxer died after losing the battle

Boxer died after losing the battle22-year-old Filipino boxer Alex Ara died soon after the next fight in the professional ring. On Monday 4 February Ara was defeated by his compatriot, Arnela Tadini and soon felt the pain in my stomach.The athlete died when he was transported from one hospital to another, according to the online edition to the Manager of APOE genes Rex Salud, during the fight, the boxer has not received serious damages and generally never in his career has not been knocked down. About an hour after the fight, Ara complained of abdominal pain and that he could not urinate.The athlete was taken to a nearby hospital, but it was necessary to help the boxer equipment. The doctor advised me to take him to another hospital, and on the way there Ara died. The exact cause of death has yet been found, but in the near future pathologists will conduct an autopsy on the body of a boxer.Alex Ara, acting in category to 47.6 pounds spent on a professional ring 20, has a record of 12 wins (6 KOs), suffered 6 defeats and have completed 2 of the duel in a draw. Source: boxer died after losing the battle.

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